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 Psychological Safety Reputational Risk Awareness   Bias Mitigation and Inclusivity

Evolved Use of Power ≈ Change Resiliency Tools  Systematic Behavioral Habit Upgrades

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"There’s this palpable sense of pride that permeates an organization with a culture of ethics and respect. Company values aren’t just posted in the breakroom. They’re rooted in the way employees work and interact, and they’re evident in the decisions they make. People like working for companies where doing business with integrity is valued." - NAVEX Global

Ethical intelligence is the conscious embodiment and courageous application of honorable principles, practices, and processes that cultivate compassion, cooperation and collaboration between individuals and groups across all interactions and situations, and through which elevates humane and sustainable insights, interdependence and impeccability.

Ethically Intelligent behavior is rising to the top of the list of leadership qualities essential to sustainable organizational success as well as attaining and keeping public trust. The Conscious Capitalism and B Corp movements are growing in influence, as well as many companies that are choosing to focus on a new triple bottom line of People, Planet and Purpose (beyond Profits) "...which moves away from shareholder primacy"..."for the benefit of all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders" (Business Roundtable, 2019). Customers are demanding accountability and transparency in the principles and practices of leaders of all types, and "getting away with" unethical behavior is certainly not something to brag about if you or your organization aspires to have a reputation of unshakable integrity. 


Some believe that leadership is reserved for people in "higher" positions - and not just "average" folks. This is entirely incorrect. The fact is, we all lead by the example we extend via our thoughts, choices, actions and behaviors within whatever field of influence we have in any given situation or interaction in any given moment - and there are no unimportant situations, interactions or moments.

It's also not very wise. 

Skills training in character development and ethical behavioral habit cultivation have often been placed on the back burner of importance for a number of years, despite the corporate and political scandals that have dominated headlines and ruined countless innocent lives. In a highly competitive world that is focused on power and profits, these were often considered "quaint" qualities for an organization or individual looking to gain in statute. Do "whatever it takes" to have a "competitive advantage" has been a common mantra, and even conscious awareness skills like emotional and social intelligence and mindfulness have been mined to see how they could be used to accomplish goals in performance, productivity and bottom-line profit-making objectives – which unfortunately has led to some individuals exploiting these tools for personal gain. 

Essential Components for 
Crafting a Code of Ethical Workplace Conduct:
While many experts are acknowledging the "what" and the "why"
they are not always teaching the "how to" skills.

Whatever you think, do and say is infused with the consciousness - and the unconsciousness - you bring to it.

What example are you - or your workplace -  living and leading by?
Whether it's at work, home, school, and in all our relationships -

personal, familial, professional and social -

taking 100% ownership for the impact we have upon others and ourselves

is a prerequisite for living and leading by Ethically Intelligent, Honorable and Harmonious example.

Deliberate, intentionally conscious, radically honest self-reflection provides the conditions in which Ethical Intelligence may be discovered lacking with oneself. Ethical Intelligence can be increased by choosing to upgrade your Internal Operating System through the purposeful cultivation of self-aware behavioral identity habits via both formal and informal practices.​

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